My spouse was the breadwinner in the family. How will I survive financially?

Q: My spouse was the breadwinner in the family. How will I survive financially?

The answer to this question depends on a number of factors.  The family court judge considers the following in making an alimony or separate support and maintenance determination:

1)   the duration of the parties' marriage, including the ages of the parties at the time of their marriage and at the time of the divorce or the separate maintenance action;

2)   the physical and emotional condition of each spouse; 

3)   each spouse's educational background and the need of each spouse for additional training or education in order to achieve that spouse's income potential;

4)   each spouse's employment history and earning potential;

5)   the parties' standard of living during the marriage;

6)   each spouse's current and reasonably-anticipated earnings, expenses, and needs;

7)   each spouse's marital and non-marital properties;

8)   the custody of the parties' child or children, especially where conditions or circumstances suggest that it would be appropriate for the child's/children's custodian to not work or to work part-time;

9)   marital misconduct if such misconduct affected the economic circumstances of the parties or contributed to the disruption of the marriage;

10)  the tax consequences to each party as the particular kind of support; and

11)  the existence and extent of any support obligation a party has from a prior marriage or for other children.


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